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75 International Blvd. Etobicoke, ON Suite #403 M9W 6L9
Nektar Tech

Built to Boost Your Performance

Our system incorporates technology that helps us gain a better understanding of who you are and how your body functions. As we learn, so does our system, helping you perform better than ever. 


Giving you the most accurate health results.


New improved ways of measuring health performance.

Unlock Your Metabolism

Our live metabolic analysis system provides an in-depth analysis of your heart, lung, muscular, and neuromuscular function in real time. This information can then be used to guide your exercise and diet specifications, helping you achieve your physical performance goals. 

Train Your Brain

Brain HQ delivers the world’s most scientifically-validated cognitive training technology to improve focus, concentration, decision making and reaction time. Used by elite athletes and special forces this platform effectively shows massive increase in cognitive productivity.

When your mind works better, you work better.

Oxygen Boost

Nektar O2 provides a safe and effective way of quickly increasing oxygen levels in your bloodstream allowing you to perform at peak levels. Exercising with oxygen has been shown to increase cardiovascular health, reduce weight and boost energy levels.

Chill and Heal

Cryotherapy is a safe and effective tool for healing and recovery by chilling the body, triggering the flow of nutrients and oxygen to where the body needs it the most.

Heal Your Body

NovoTHOR is a covered LED light bed that uses an array of high-performance red and near-infrared LED lights to activate biological processes and help reduce pain and trigger rapid healing and recovery of muscles, and joints – all with zero side effects.

Compete Against Your Best Self

Adaptive Resistance Exercise is the smartest technology for resistance training on the market. Cut your workout time by 5x while learning and hitting your strength targets every time. Used by elite athletes and the global exercise science community to up-level performance.

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