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Power Your Results with EWOT
More Energy
Slower Aging

It’s been proven higher levels of oxygen in the body have many long lasting health benefits. Increased oxygen content improves cellular health, boosting recovery of injury, non-healing wounds, and infections.

There are a few proven ways to enhance the oxygen levels in our bodies. HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is one of them, but it’s often tedious and inaccessible. That’s where EWOT (Exercising with Oxygen Therapy) comes in.   

EWOT is an exciting and scientifically proven way to quickly increase oxygen levels and energy, reduce inflammation, and maintain health. It involves breathing higher concentrations of oxygen than is available in normal air during exercise. 

Since exercise produces CO2 (which needs to be expelled), it creates a gradient by increasing the heart rate, forcing more O2 in than at rest.

Benefits Of EWOT


EWOT delivers oxygen to the deepest parts of tissue, aiding healthy metabolic reactions, healing rates, and immunity. It also protects against cancer, reduces weight, and promotes youthfulness.


EWOT enhances oxygen delivery to tissues, vessels, and organs, reducing capillary swelling, enhancing oxygenation, promoting circulation, and improving cerebral blood flow. 


ATP is the unit of cellular energy. It is crucial to life. EWOT stimulates the mitochondria of cells with oxygen to produce more ATP, using fat as an energy source. 

EWOT is Safe and Effective

Done at 15 minutes at a time, EWOT carries little to no risks or side effects. Breathing higher levels of oxygen is considered safe and there is no risk of oxygen toxicity. 

Side effects experienced with EWOT are usually a result of sudden change in physical activity and reduced stamina. This can manifest in the form of fatigue, laboured breath, and/or dizziness. It’s best to begin EWOT gradually and consult your doctor in advance.

8 Private sessions (Twice per week for 4 weeks)

30 Minute sessions include: 

  • Complimentary Oxygen Mask
  • Doctor Evaluation & Prescription EWOT Sessions
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