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75 International Blvd. Etobicoke, ON Suite #403 M9W 6L9

Working Hard For You
Pioneers in Performance Medicine
We are a results driven team of professionals dedicated to your optimization.

We empower our patients with the tools and knowledge to take responsibility and level up their own health and quality of life experience.

Scientific Advisory Board
Our Founders
Art and Medicine
A Place to Discover Your Best

BioNektar isn’t just a clinic.

We are a community of well-informed individuals that work together to serve you at the highest level. We recognize your awesome potential and want to help you realize it too.

Whether you want to come for an in person visit or work with us virtually, our aim is to create a seamless experience and based on the following 3 key parameters:

Our Process is:

Realize your potential today. 

Our Unique Space

Our space has been designed to deliver optimal results.  Whether you are looking for gains in your performance or want to recover, we have your back.  Step into our world and let us give you the experience you deserve.  We start by greeting you with a smile and having an impactful conversation in a community minded way that focuses on you and your needs. 

We offer healthy snacks and refreshments in a lounge-like atmosphere. 

Health and wellness is not a one-size-fits-all arena, and the more customized your health and wellness program is, the more effective and impactful your results will be.
We are committed to creating an immersive, custom-built, and empowering experience for you based on your story, needs, and biological signature.
We create programs that require your responsibility and commitment.  It’s not about selling a wellness protocol to you, it’s about designing a wellness program with you.
The BioNektar approach is based on performance research, carried out and supported by leaders in the health industry, with treatment systems built on sound principles.
Our system is constantly being updated by the latest research and best practices, while remaining objectively guided by your physiology.
Kalem Fergusson

A BioNektar Reboot IV therapy was one of the nicest, most energizing things that I’ve done for my body as a busy entrepreneur and leader. I’d 100% recommend it for anybody who finds themselves with low energy and/or burnout.

Shaun Goolcharan

I’ve tried various medications for my chronic back pain to no avail. After the first prolotherapy treatment from Dr. Janjua, I was able to walk again. I would highly recommend it for chronic back pain and joint pain.

Alex Avdelopoulos

Excellent service. Friendly staff. I felt very comfortable during my procedures. Highly recommend Dr. Meer Janjua for treatment.