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75 International Blvd. Etobicoke, ON Suite #403 M9W 6L9

Parvaneh Assa

Ph.D., CNP

Parvaneh Assa, Ph.D., CNP, is a Certified Genetic-Nutrition (Nutrigenetics) Counselor, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Educator, and Founder of Nutrinomix Natural Health.

Parvaneh holds a Ph.D. degree in molecular biology & genetic engineering. Her success as a genetic-nutrition counselor comes from her years of professional experience and extensive knowledge in the fields of genetics, nutrition, microbiome, and body metabolism.

In her practice, Parvaneh analyses a client’s present symptoms, lab results, health history, habits (nutrition/lifestyle), and emotional state to find the root cause(s) of their health issues.

Based on all of the performed assessments, she provides her clients with holistic and completely personalized science-based natural solutions including proper nutrition, supplement and life style plans.

She strongly believes that a complete and sustainable health is possible only with a holistic approach, when it applies to all dimensions of a person’s life: mind, body and soul.

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