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Harness Your Biological Power

We know you are unique and that’s why we take an in-depth look into your biological signature to personalize every step of your health performance journey for optimal results.

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Facial Beauty


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Client Testimonials
Kalem Fergusson

A BioNektar Reboot IV therapy was one of the nicest, most energizing things that I’ve done for my body as a busy entrepreneur and leader. I’d 100% recommend it for anybody who finds themselves with low energy and/or burnout.

Shaun Goolcharan

I’ve tried various medications for my chronic back pain to no avail. After the first prolotherapy treatment from Dr. Janjua, I was able to walk again. I would highly recommend it for chronic back pain and joint pain.

Alex Avdelopoulos

Excellent service. Friendly staff. I felt very comfortable during my procedures. Highly recommend Dr. Meer Janjua for treatment.

OUr Partners
Space is Limited to 50 attendees.

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Nektar of Youth

Ready to slow your aging process?

They say that aging is a part of life. True. But do we have to age the way we do? What if I told you there are ways to drastically reduce the rate of aging? Many have been proven to not only slow down your aging process, but actually reverse it. Ways to reduce your biological age and make you look, feel, and be much younger than your actual years.

Discover how to lower your biological age with our fully immersive anti-aging program.

Space is Limited to 50 attendees.

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Do you want ultimate immune defense?

The world has been slammed by a virus that literally stopped us from living our lives. COVID-19 has changed everything about everyone. The thoughts we have, the food  we eat, and most importantly, our body’s immunity.

Global fear and panic weakened our immune systems. And our lack of exposure to pathogens due to isolation and sanitization stopped the evolution of our immunity.

This has the potential to make us sick from stuff we used to be able to fight pre-pandemic. Learn how you can recharge your immune system for the long fight with our personalized program.

Space is Limited to 50 attendees.

Not a member yet? Join us today and boost your body’s performance!

Body Sculpt

Want to Restructure Your Body For Performance?

Why is weight loss still is a major problem with all our current advancements? It should be an easy fix right? Well, yes. But then why isn’t it? The answer to this question is that it isn’t personalized enough and it doesn’t focus on the body’s performance. It’s like buying tires for your car without the measurements.

When a program is personalized to your biology, it considers your physiology’s actual function, providing current parameters on where you are. When it comes to performance, our programs use cellular medicine techniques to boost your ability, focusing on what you can do and leaving what you can’t in the dust.