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Measure Your Brain Health
Measuring Your Brain Health

Understanding brain function is the key to successful training and therapy.    Brain testing in the form of EEG (Electroencephalogram) has been largely expensive and inaccessible… until now with WAVi.  WAVi is sophisticated and affordable and gives a  high level measure of how your brain is functioning.  From brain states, to speed and voltage, WAVi can tell you how well your performing cognitively while getting early baselines to help guide your training.  WAVi can also detect deficits and track your therapy.

The assessment takes only 4 minutes and can be done pre and post training or therapy.   Fully backed and cleared by FDA, our brain assessment device is great for everyone with a brain because it can help prevent and support certain illnesses like dementia, traumatic brain and can also tell you if you’re safe to get back to your sport.   Check your brain’s performance. Pay us a visit.

Please note this is an in-person service. It can only be administered in-clinic. The session lasts about 15-30 minutes.

FEEG is Great For

Objective Baseline

Treatment Guidance

Reliable Brain Health

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