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Red Light Therapy

Light Up the Healing Experience
Cellular Light Charge

Red Light therapy is taking the professional sports world by storm. Almost every athlete and biohacker has heard about it for healing and recovery but few have access to it in whole body form until now. Enter NovoTHOR.

NovoTHOR is a covered light bed that effectively deals with your pain by using an array of red and near-infrared LED lights to activate biological processes.

NovoTHOR is a relaxing, non-invasive whole body therapy that can be completed all within the span of just 20 minutes. This is conducted with Near and Mixed Infrared therapy types.  Book a relaxing lie-down and improve your recovery today.

Full Body Photobiomodulation light bed is here at BioNektar. Whether you want to recover from an injury or just want more energy, our NovoTHOR is waiting for you to charge you up.

Coming soon to BioNektar.

Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

Optimize Healing

Improve Blood Flow

Immune Support

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