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Frequency Therapy

Deep Cellular Penetration
Deep Cellular Penetration

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (or PEMF) is a therapy that uses a magnetic field to penetrate deep into tissues to optimize voltage, boost oxygenation and help cells function better. PEMF can help with detoxification and bring pain relief without medication through the creation of tiny microcurrents, that run through the neural pathways and inhibition of pain fibers. 

The pain relief is usually immediate with a  lasting response. PEMF can alleviate migraine headaches, acute and chronic musculoskeletal injury and assist with depression. PEMF is regularly used to improve muscle endurance and stimulate post training recovery through increased blood flow and oxygenation and promote healing of bone fractures. 

PEMF is approved by Health Canada and a safe alternative to prescription medication. Try it for yourself.

This service will be coming soon to BioNektar.

Benefits Of PEMF Therapy

Pain Relief


Mood Improvement

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