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75 International Blvd. Etobicoke, ON Suite #403 M9W 6L9

Nashir Uddin

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Nashir is the Chief Operations Officer at BioNektar, where he plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s operational excellence and rapid growth. With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Nashir brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to BioNektar’s executive team.

Prior to joining BioNektar, Nashir held a C-suite level position at a performance analytics startup. In this role, he was instrumental in guiding the company through significant phases of development, leveraging his deep understanding of business analytics and operational efficiency.

Since becoming the Director of Operations at BioNektar, Nashir has been dedicated to meticulously surveying and improving the company’s processes. His keen eye for detail and commitment to optimizing operations have been crucial in enhancing BioNektar’s productivity and scalability. Nashir’s strategic initiatives have not only streamlined BioNektar’s workflow but also fostered an environment of continuous improvement and innovation.