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All Performance Starts With Breath

Our Breath drives life.  Nothing is more important than breath.  Good breathing translates to a long, powerful and healthy life.  Breathing that is poor in quality leads to disease and early death. Breathing ability must be considered by anyone considering improvement in health and is the cornerstone for improvements in performance.

Our dedication to breathing and its proper disemination is so crucial, that we have partnered up with the Breathhold World champion Stig Severinson and Breathology to bring you the most advanced breath training systems in the world.  Stig Severinson is a 3 times world champion in breathholding and has the longest free dive in the world and Breathology is his brainchild.  Through his passion and endeavors, Stig and his team have helped millions of people around the world to breath better alleviating the symptoms of PTSD and improving performance in Elite athletes.  Under his guidance, we at BioNektar are more than privileged to be able to infuse breath training into every facet of our platform from our workshops, to integrating a breathing component into your personalized program.

All of our breathwork with you begins with an assessment of your current breathing habits.   This gives us a good sense of your understanding and mechanics while maximizing learning and feedback.

Breath training is so effective that many of our clients notice immediate benefits from more energy to greater strength and relaxation.

How Breath Training Helps You

More Energy

Greater Strength

Improved Mood

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