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Optimizing Cellular Function
Understanding NAD+

NAD+, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, has been a blockbuster since coming on the anti-aging scene. NAD+ is a an important coenzyme working in every cell of your body. It is crucial for optimum biological function.

NAD+ is a major player in skeletal muscle development, regeneration, aging, and disease. As we age NAD+ declines and as our NAD+ levels decline, our energy is compromised. This leads to many diseases, including those that are age-related.

Luckily, NAD+ can be replenished via simple IV therapy, which is the most effective method.

NAD+ In Your Body’s Functions

Skeletal Muscle Development




Extend Life by Replenishing Your Body

During NAD+ IV therapy, NAD+ is infused into an IV drip compound bypassing your digestive system, and rapidly restocking your body with NAD+.

Studies suggests that increasing NAD+ levels offers the promise of increasing the body’s resilience to environmental stressors, thereby extending healthy human lifespan.

Benefits Of NAD+

Helps protect your DNA from degrading

Helps reduce bad inflammation

Reduces Biological Age

Improves Cognition

Helps heal your injuries

Increases energy levels

Revives Your cells

Powers Your Performance

Optimize Performance and Live Longer

Our NAD+ treatments are done simply and safely in our facility. More and more people are requesting NAD+ as of late. Book early to avoid the rush.

We are competitively priced at $799 per treatment, coupled with an IV vitamin treatment. Please note that this treatment takes approximately 4 hours, so plan your appointment accordingly.

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