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Find Out What You're Made Of
Finding What You’re Made Of

Are you curious about how much muscle you have?  What about fat? Knowing this information is extremely important for helping guide weight loss and or strength training.   Using a scale gives a number that fails to give a clear picture of what you are made of. 

All done in 30 seconds our body composition analyzer can:

  • Measure your fat mass and your fat-free mass
  • Identify how much body fat is on your body and what your body fat percentage is
  • Can show you how much skeletal muscle mass (the muscles that move your skeleton) is on your body and how it is distributed segmentally (how much is in each arm, leg and your torso)
  • Measure the amount of visceral fat (the “bad” fat around the organs in your abdominal cavity) is in your body
  • Tells you how much Total Body Water, Intracellular and Extracellular Water is in your body
  • Measures the quality and quantity of somatic cells in your body, giving you an indication of your nutritional condition and the state of your health
  • Shows you what your Resting Energy Expenditure is to help you reach your weight and health goal

Body composition can also help maintain your training morale while allowing you to tweak your approach for optimal results.   It is easilyy affordable and can optimize your training and results.   Training is incomplete without body composition assessment.  Come try it out.

Please note this is an in-person service. It can only be administered in-clinic. The session lasts about 3 minutes.

Coming soon to BioNektar.

Benefits of Body Composition

Guides Training

Fast, Easy, and Economical

Checks Muscle, Fat, Bone, and Water

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