Essential Elements Test Kit

Essential Elements Test Kit


Human bodies are exposed to both helpful and harmful elements from natural and manmade sources. The BioNektar Essential Elements test kit is a urine-based test meant to assess your body’s essential element condition and if you need to take action for your health.

Estimated turnaround time: 1 to 2 weeks.

Please note that there are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on all test kits.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 4 in







About This test KIT

Elements are the building blocks of chemicals. They can be sorted into two groups: nutrients and toxins.

Nutrients are essential for the body, while toxins cause problems for organ systems and overall health. Nutrients themselves can be further split into macrominerals and trace minerals. Toxins, on the other hand, often consist of heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic. The importance of knowing your body’s condition regarding the levels of nutrients and toxins cannot be stressed enough.

Our lab partners employ the best-available techniques in determining essential and toxic elemental testing. They use the best methods of analysis globally. 

This test involves a simple urine collection procedure.  The kit is shipped directly to you with clear instructions on how to collect and send it back.

1 to 2 weeks; some exceptions may occur due to shipping and delivery delays.

Make sure you consult your primary care provider or physician before using this test kit to avoid any averse side effects with any foods or medication you are taking.


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