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NAD+ Infusion IV

$1259.00 For Members
Cellular Energy
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All IV treatments will be done at our clinic. Please be advised that this IV therapy takes approximately 4 hours. Please book early as spots are limited due to increased demand as a result of COVID-19.

Our At-Home service provides a BioNektar professional to arrive at your home or office within the Etobicoke and Western Toronto area based on availability. 

Just select “At-Home” when booking an IV therapy treatment.
Please note that this requires an additional fee of $250.00.

NAD+ Infusion IV

$1259.00 For Members

NAD+ (Nicotinomide Adenine Dinucleotide) has been a blockbuster since coming on to the anti-aging scene. NAD+ is a an important co-enzyme working in every cell of your body, and is crucial for optimum biological function.

NAD+ is a major player in skeletal muscle development, re-generation, aging, and disease.  As we age our NAD+ declines and as our NAD+ levels decline, our energy is compromised, leading to many diseases, including those that are age-related.

Luckily, NAD can be replenished via simple IV therapy, bypassing the digestive system and directly entering the bloodstream, which is the most effective method.

Studies suggest that increasing NAD+ levels offers the promise of increasing the body’s resilience to environmental stressors, thereby extending a healthy lifespan and reversing the signs of aging.

Key Ingredients
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals
  • B vitamins