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Lesley Rogers

Sleep Specialist and Respiratory Therapist

We are super excited to have Lesley on board. Lesley’s interest in the human body began with sports, specifically baseball where she played for Team Ontario. Her passion for sport, health and movement prompted her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at York University.

Being dedicated to lifelong learning and a special interest in breathing, Lesley completed an advanced diploma in respiratory therapy and moved into Hyperbaric medicine and directed the largest hyperbaric oxygen centre in Canada. There she assisted her team in delivering advanced oxygen directed healing to patients with severe life threatening conditions. Along her journey, Lesley realized that breathing, oxygenation and sleep were the keys to optimal health. This awareness led her to become a CPAP consultant fully dedicated herself to the study of sleep.

Her goal is to reframe sleep as one of the bedrocks of health and revolutionize sleep therapy.