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Daniel Kabeya

Exercise Physiologist

Daniel Kabeya is a man of many talents who has accomplished countless milestones in his life. Not only is he one of the highest jumpers in the world with a 55 vertical jump, but he is also a certified strength and conditioning coach, doctor of complementary medicine, exercise physiologist, registered complementary therapist, and trigger point specialist.

Daniels background stems from being a former professional basketball player and dunker who mastered the understanding of his own body and craft by applying what he learned through his studies in his training and workout routines. Daniel truly believes the truth lies in the mind and body connection when it comes to physical health. He is well-versed with the many methods used in the practices of physical therapy. There are many ways to exercise but the order in what exercises you do is extremely important to get the results you are seeking. Weight loss, getting back in shape, fixing your posture, and strengthening your muscles are a few ways Daniel will help you while training with him.

Daniel specializes in building training programs specifically for you and your needs based on your body and its deficiencies. Passionate and driven in his field, he loves to see his clients accomplish their goals that they set out for themselves with him. He is a positive instructor who embodies his knowledge and uses it to help push you in the best way possible past the mental barriers you have while working out. Changing your mentality and how you view challenges are 2 key things you can expect to change while working with Daniel.

Daniel's Story