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Bella Giroux

Holistic Nutritionist

Isabelle likes to refer to herself as a detective; paired with 90% understanding/compassion and 10% tough love. Coming from a competitive athletic background herself, she understands deeply what hard work and perseverance can result in. Formally, Isabelle goes by the title of a Health Strategist/Coach and has a passion for health and life itself.

Isabelle is a woman of the Earth, growing up in the forest she was raised understanding the true interconnection of nature, as well as the relationships each and everything can and has with each other. With that, she takes a very subjective approach with people to attain the common goal and pursuits. As a team, a partnership.

She has explored and educated herself in many different fields, to assist in connecting and understanding peoples lifestyles – with no plan to stop. But her biggest catalyst into this world, was her own trials, tribulations and challenges – priding herself in transparency. At the end of the day, what sets her apart is her heart, energy and true care she has for people.

Bella's Story
What sets Bella apart is her heart, energy and true care she has for people. Watch and listen to her inspiring story.
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